Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making A Covered Butter Dish...

One of my most popular kitchen products is my covered butter dish!

Covered Butter Dish with Dot Design in Aqua Mist

First I roll a block of clay through my slab roller...

Block of Stoneware Clay

Adjusting the thickness on my slab roller. 

Rolling the clay through the slab roller
Next I use a pin tool to cut each dish out of the clay.

Cutting out the butter dish 
 After each dish is cut out of the clay from my handmade template they are folded and formed.

Each one is stamped on the bottom with a handmade stamp

Soon to be decorated!

Now it's time to decorate the dish...

decorating a butter dish
I use liquid clay called slip to draw on the clay. This technique is called sliptrailing


After the dishes dry for 7 to 10 days they go into the kiln for the first firing called "Bisque". The kiln reaches over 1900 degrees fahrenheit. When they cool they are ready for glaze.  


Covered Butter Dish in Vintage Plum

Covered Butter Dish with Handle

Monday, July 8, 2013

Easy Salsa Recipe - The Perfect Summer Food

Garden Salsa in Handmade Dinnerware 

If you've ever been to my house for dinner you know that salsa is always on the menu. Here's the recipe for my lemony and super tasty salsa.

You will need:
1 - 28 oz. can of tomatoes
1 - garden tomato (optional if not in season)
1 - bunch of cilantro, stems chopped off
1 - bunch of green onions, roots chopped off
2 - jalapeƱo peppers, seeds and membrane removed
4 - Tablespoons of lemon juice
2 or 3 - teaspoons salt (or to taste)

Put everything in a food processor or blender and chop until all the ingredients are well blended. Serve with corn chips.

Salsa Ingredients 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Boho Beach House - Eclectic Home Decor

There are no decorating rules in my house...if I like it then I will find a place for it.  Vintage, antique & modern...its all in there. I buy most everything second hand, craigslist, thrift stores, yard sales, on the side of the road. People get rid of the most beautiful things....

The ceilings are one of my most favorite things about my house...that and the windows. 

I love this chair! It's so comfortable. A cup of tea, a good book and this chair is all I need...
My house is never done. I'm always working on some project. Rearranging the furniture, painting, refurbishing, fixing, and updating. The best part is coming up with the ideas...

Monday, March 4, 2013

French Country Handmade Dinnerware by Back Bay Pottery

This dinnerware is perfect for those with an organic style...

Stoneware Mug, Bowl, Dessert/Bread Plate, Deep Salad Plate, Dinner Plate in Aqua Mist

They come in several different pieces and colors to suit your needs... 

Also, there are several other matching kitchen accessories like utensil holders, sponge holders, soap dispensers, butter dishes, serving platters and prep bowls.

Color Choices 

One of a kind...

These dishes are completely handmade one at a time by one person. They are all a little bit different which adds a wonderful character and charm...

Bowl, Pasta Bowl, Deep Salad Plate, Dinner Plate and Mug in Aqua Mist

They are made from durable stoneware clay and fired to over 2200 °F. They are microwave and dishwasher safe but hand washing is always recommended. 

Dark red stoneware clay is used with the Aqua Mist glaze and a creamy white stoneware clay is used with the Dark Teal and Creamy White glazes.  

Pasta Bowls in Aqua Mist

Some people like things that are more uniform and straight and some like things more natural and organic. If you prefer the latter than these dishes will be perfect for you...

Bowl, Deep Salad Plate, Dinner Plate in Creamy White

The rim is hand textured with a special slip trailing technique in my signature dot design. The glaze gently breaks away to reveal the design. 

Set of 4 Bowls, Deep Salad Plates, Dinner Plates in Creamy White

Dinnerware in Creamy White

Dinner Plates in Creamy White

Stack of Dinner Plates in Creamy White 

Stack of Dinnerware in Creamy White - 24 Piece

Perfect for your everyday tableware or for special occasions...

At the table

Bowl, Deep Salad Plate, Dinner Plate in Dark Teal

Dark Teal Dinnerware 

The perfect dishes for your dinner party! 

Dark Teal Dinnerware - Moroccan Salt & Pepper Shakers

Matching mugs and tumblers...

Stoneware Mugs in Aqua Mist

A special little swirl is on the bottom of each mug. 

Tumblers in Creamy White
Tumblers/Tea Cup Set 

Colorful Tumbler Set
Glaze Colors - Emerald Green, Spicy Mustard, Deep Sea Blue and Hyacinth

I have a hard time choosing my favorite color... Some days it is one color and some days it is another...

A few more things...

These smaller plates are perfect for a sandwich or a snack...

Sandwich Plate - Small Oval Dish

The bottom of the dish is just as important as the top! Each one is stamped Back Bay Pottery and artists initials and has a design from handmade stamps. They are all different! 
You can see the texture from the canvas used to roll out the clay. 

The bottom of each piece from Back Bay Pottery...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Peacock Wedding Napkin Decorations

So one of my dearest friends is getting married and its coming up fast...
She is doing a peacock theme wedding and we need some simple table decorations (that don't cost too much money). Here is a simple DIY idea for the napkins.
Start with hand carving a rubber stamp (Etsy has some great ones, in case your not the crafty type).

Hand Stamped Peacock Feather Napkin with dinnerware by Back Bay Pottery

First sketch out your design with a pen, marker, or pencil (it doesn't matter). Then start carving into a block of Linoleum, rubber eraser or printing block, with a Lino Cutter. You can find the supplies at any craft store. TIP: The sharper your cutter the easier it is to cut.

Now it's time for stamping...
Use a slightly damp spong to dab the acrylic paint onto the stamp and then evenly press the stamp onto the napkin. TIP: use acrylic paint instead of ink, the ink may run when it gets wet and we don't want that...
Hand Carved Peacock Stamp

Use acrylic paint to stamp on a napkin
Permanent Markers to color in the details