Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Make a Simple Adjustable Boho Necklace

A perfect necklace for a day at the beach...

This simple jewelry making project requires no special tools. Just your hands, a pair of scissors & your creativity...

Adjustable Beach Necklace

First you need some cord, a focal pendant and a few other beads. I am using 1mm leather cord (hemp cording works well too) and my handmade ceramic beads.
I love an "organic" look and feel, so I use natural cord and beads. Think about mixing metal, wood and ceramic beads. Try using different shapes, textures and colors.

Ceramic pendant, beads, cord & scissors is all you need. 
2.  Measure out about 36" of cording. You can make this longer or shorter depending on how long you like to wear your necklace. Just make sure you have enough room to fit your head through.
Measure your cord

3. Find the middle of the cord. Fold the cord in half & match up the ends to make it even on each side. 

4. Loop the middle of the cord through the pendant and pull the ends through the loop.

5. Pull the loop tight.

6. String you beads onto the cord in any arrangement you like.

7. Check to see if you like the arrangement of your beads.

8. Take one end of the cord & tie a simple slip knot onto the other side of the cording.

9. Tie another slip knot with the other end to the other side of the cord. Make sure each knot is tight & trim off any excess ends. 

It will look like this when you are done.

To adjust your necklace just gently pull outwards with the slip knots.

Now you are ready for the beach!
Boho Beaded Necklace

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craft Show Booth Display

The summer is here... and everyone is out and about so it's the perfect time for art & craft shows. I have been doing a few myself. My summer schedule is here.
Back Bay Pottery Booth Display

I love to add old antique and vintage pieces. It gives a warmer feel to ceramics.

Who loves buttons? I do...I do!

Beaded Bracelets 

Vintage Style Brooches 

Who can live without a heart spoon? 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Put A Bird On It

Who doesn't love birds? Birds are everywhere around here! 

Just in time for summer.... Bright colored bird jewelry! So cute!!
Chunky Bracelet & Yellow Bird Earrings 

Rustic Owl Earrings 
I've been working on new beads & things. Here is a sneak peak...
Raw beads

Little Blue Birds 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planting a Garden

I have discovered something about myself since I started this blog. I am not yet good at writing & coming up with ideas for writing. Unlike pottery, I can come up with infinite ideas that will keep me busy for months, years...centuries. I am hopefully going to get better about putting my thoughts down. I better practice!

My kids & I have been starting our very first garden. I have had small gardens in the past, like growing tomatoes in a pot on my patio. But this year I will have a "real" garden...I hope.

My little helpers & I started the seeds in clear totes that act as little green houses. On the outside of the cup we wrote the kind of seed that is in the cup with a marker.

I have tons of work ahead of me. I still have to build the raised flower beds out of cinder block. Here is the pile I have to work with. 

This is the pretty (not) little patch of land I have to work with. Swing set goes tomorrow!

This is what I hope my garden will look like soon. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Raku Pottery

I LOVE Raku! I love to experiment & the element of surprise and this is what Raku is all about. My husband recently built me a raku kiln, so we have been experimenting. 

Green Raku Ceramic Butterfly Pendant

Raku is a technique where a pot is heated until glowing, then pulled with tongs from the kiln and placed into a reduced atmosphere, such as a metal can full of pine needles, newspaper or leaves. After cooling somewhat, the piece is often plunged into cold water, creating crackle effects. In Raku, unglazed areas of clay become black due to the carbon from the burning fuel. When the carbon is scrubbed off the glazed areas they are often bright metallics such as copper and bronze. 

Raku Blossom Earrings

Raku Blossom Pendant

Raku Flower Brooch

Raku Flower Necklace with Turquoise 
Raku Beaded Earrings 

Here are some more experiments: 

I have been working on house numbers that I will be selling soon in my etsy shop. Here are some Raku ones with crazy colors. 

Raku House Numbers

Color Experiment Pot

Color Experiment Pot