Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Peacock Wedding Napkin Decorations

So one of my dearest friends is getting married and its coming up fast...
She is doing a peacock theme wedding and we need some simple table decorations (that don't cost too much money). Here is a simple DIY idea for the napkins.
Start with hand carving a rubber stamp (Etsy has some great ones, in case your not the crafty type).

Hand Stamped Peacock Feather Napkin with dinnerware by Back Bay Pottery

First sketch out your design with a pen, marker, or pencil (it doesn't matter). Then start carving into a block of Linoleum, rubber eraser or printing block, with a Lino Cutter. You can find the supplies at any craft store. TIP: The sharper your cutter the easier it is to cut.

Now it's time for stamping...
Use a slightly damp spong to dab the acrylic paint onto the stamp and then evenly press the stamp onto the napkin. TIP: use acrylic paint instead of ink, the ink may run when it gets wet and we don't want that...
Hand Carved Peacock Stamp

Use acrylic paint to stamp on a napkin
Permanent Markers to color in the details