Monday, January 30, 2012

Things You Can Do with Buttons - Ideas #1 & 2

I make buttons....lots of them. I am always trying to think of things to do with them, so I can sell them, & give people ideas on how to use them. I also want to keep on making them (I love making button). I am going to keep a running list of button ideas that I or other people come up with. If you have any ideas please tell me.

Button Idea #1 - Start a button collection.

Buttons are the best! Well...I think so. They are some of the best things to collect because they don't take up too much room (I have a small house so space is limited) & they come in so many different colors & styles so there is something for everyone.

Vintage Button Collection 

Vintage Buttons 

Button Idea #2 - Add to a bag or purse. 

Adding a button or two will surely add some spice & pizzazz to your handmade or store bought bag. Here is a fabulous example from one of my favorite etsy shops, Camilla Cotton. She added one of my rustic brown Mr. Owl buttons to one of her famous Romantic Ruffled Bags

Ultra Suede French Tote in Cranberry

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